Why Did Smart People Vote for Donald Trump?

It’s an important question for intellectually curious liberals to ask, but why did so many smart, rich, successful people vote for Donald Trump? The prevailing coastal liberal delusion is that only poor, stupid people voted for Donald Trump, and ironically against their own interests. However, as it turns out, this is a complete and utter fabrication created by sad, defeated leftists.

If you’re a liberal, and you enjoy having your head planted firmly in the sand, by all means continue pretending only racist, poorly educated, white southern riffraff voted for Donald Trump. However, the stats say otherwise. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton because of middle class, upper middle class and upper class people from all walks of life. Notably, these folks tend to be higher educated as well.

With that said, why did these smart, educated, wealthy people vote for Trump? And more importantly, why did they do it so quietly?

The easy liberal echo chamber answer is “they’re greedy” and “they’re racist,” but truth is stranger than fiction to those who live less than 50 miles from any coast. The truth is, these smart, wealthy, diverse, successful, educated people quietly voted for Donald Trump in droves not solely for their own self interests, but primarily because they think differently, and because they understand some basic facts of life that echo chamber liberals don’t. Let’s go into some more detail:

  1. They think differently.
    • These folks tend to think differently from your standard echo chamber liberal. For example, they are not easily persuaded by mainstream media, and by television and film in general. These folks tend to absorb information very strategically, and don’t accept statements as fact simply because the source is a well-known media institution. In fact, many of them are innately suspicious of large, powerful organizations. Instead, they objectively analyze all thoughts and statements on an independent basis, and routinely make value judgments on who is telling the truth and who is lying. These folks don’t think Donald Trump colluded with Russia simply because a CNN commentator says, “Unnamed sources tell us Donald Trump’s associates may have colluded with Russia.” Instead they analyze the statement for what it is, and make their own judgement as to the validity and intention of the claim. They do this for conservative media as well, but they find conservative media is often run by folks who constantly engage in the same “smell test.” As such, they gravitate towards conservative media whenever available. They don’t Google “did Trump oppose the Iraq war,” see the result is from Snopes or Politifact with a false claim and assume it’s true because: Google and Snopes and Politifact! Instead they objectively analyze Google, Snopes, Politifact, and all the evidence presented and make their own determinations. Simply put, they “think for themselves” and don’t let others tell them what or how to think. 
  2. They find other conservatives, including Donald Trump, think “like them.”
    • Since these folks think differently, they’re always seeking out friendships with similar people, and media content which originates from others who think “like them.” As such, they gravitate to shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and Sean Hannity while avoiding CNN, MSNBC and the major networks outside of Fox. Why listen to someone who doesn’t think like you? It’s very frustrating – liberals can understand this by simply turning on Fox News or Infowars.
  3. They recognize patterns better than you do.
    • Since you’re a liberal, you won’t understand this, but these folks are better at pattern recognition (and logic) than you. Perhaps not surprisingly, pattern recognition is a form of higher intelligence which is extremely useful for earning higher income. Is it any surprise folks who are better at recognizing patterns do better in school and in work? They make more money than you, because they can find solutions to complex problems fairly quickly by using pattern recognition. This same pattern recognition allows these folks to filter through nonsense in media while also focusing on the “bigger picture.” Those who take pattern recognition too far can delve into conspiracy, and perhaps that’s why Infowars is popular with Trump voters and with conservatives in general. However, generally speaking, it’s much better to be good at pattern recognition than poor at it. In addition to their pattern recognition prowess, MBTI research shows conservatives are more logical and less emotional than liberals. As such they have better reasoning ability, and are less likely to let emotions cloud their judgment. Big surprise? I think not.
  4. They can control their emotions better than you.
    • What goes hand-in-hand with less emotional instability? Better decision making. Period. These folks know this, and they’re proud of it. Does this mean they lack empathy? Absolutely not, it just means they are better at recognizing when their empathy is clouding their ability to see the “bigger picture.” Simply put – they can control their emotions better than you. While liberals tend to see everyone on a scale of victim-hood, conservatives often see only “primary victims” and obstructions to justice. This has all been proven by science – look it up. Conservative Trump supporters don’t label people as victims unnecessarily, because they don’t see everyone as a victim. They see everyone as equal participants in the world of life, and they cherish each individual’s ability to overcome adversity. Generally speaking, they see the state as the ultimate threat to liberty, and as such they constantly seek out ways to limit state power. This logic is derived from all of human history – governments kill people and destroy civilizations while the fruits of life are born at the individual level. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is all they need.
  5. Their logical minds are better at understanding complex subjects, like macro economics.
    • You don’t have to have a PhD in macroeconomics in order to understand it. In fact, one could argue a PhD in macroeconomic theory might actually serve as a deterrent to understanding the subject in today’s poorly constructed academic environment. Instead, these folks use their knowledge of business (they are often business owners), personal finance, and their logic in order to deduce macro economic outcomes. For example, they understand that raising the minimum wage increases unemployment and hurts poor people. They also understand that the government, by definition, is highly inefficient and wasteful with taxpayer dollars – hurting the economy rich and poor alike. They also understand that government tax and regulation hurts business, which in turn hurts income, which in turn affects our health and happiness. This is obvious to a smart, wealthy, successful Trump voter – but it’s like pandora’s box to a clueless emotional liberal. The big secret is, conservative Trump supporters want to help poor people also, they just actually know how to do it – unlike echo chamber liberals.
  6. They know today’s prevailing academia and the media are a joke.
    • No further explanation is needed.
  7. They are selfless people who care a great deal about their country, and they’re innately humble.
    • Many of these folks give to their communities without any expectation of reward. They are selfless, and dedicated to helping others in real ways that actually work. They are community leaders, religious leaders, business men and women, model employees and savvy investors. And most importantly, they are humble. You didn’t see Trump’s win coming, because his voters are proud, but polite. They aren’t in your face screaming about some insane perceived social injustice on a regular basis. They are quiet. They have families and friends that think like them. They are happy, unlike you. They weren’t looking to destroy the world by voting for Donald Trump, they were looking to save it – from you. In their minds, you represent all that is wrong with society. You represent a threat to their freedom and to their family’s safety and prosperity, and you represent a threat to all other families alike – even to yourself. They see you as a socialist, a fascist, a communist, an emotionally and physically weak person, a future Nazi, or at the very least, someone who is dangerously incompetent. That said, they don’t hate you, they want to help you. And if they can’t help you, they just want you to leave them alone so they can be happy without you interfering in their excellent lives. This is why they’re so quiet.
  8. They know they’re different from you, and happier than you, and they’re sad you’re so clueless.
    • No explanation needed.

Hopefully you now have a better idea why smart, successful, happy, wealthy people secretly voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and you can begin to prepare yourself for his inevitable victory in 2020.


Susan Rice Unmasked Michael Flynn

Unquestionably the biggest political story since Watergate, it has been revealed that Obama appointee Susan Rice was directly responsible for unmasking Michael Flynn. In no uncertain terms, this is a criminal act committed by a former White House staff member for purely political reasons, and possibly even at the request of former president Barack Obama. It’s criminal, because it was done for political reasons. We know this – because the unmasking was done with zero intelligence benefit, and because the spying was taking place under what now appears to be trumped-up false accusations of Russian collusion (no pun intended). We now know the accusations were false because we’ve still seen exactly zero evidence of Russian collusion, and these days Donald Trump is actively opposing Putin at every turn. If I was in charge of the FBI, I would pretend we were in the early stages of an “ongoing investigation” as well. Meanwhile, we would continue to look for even a single shred of evidence in order to avoid the inevitable charges of criminal spying on a presidential candidate for political purposes. Plausible deniability. This is a big deal.

Suddenly, Barack Obama’s decision to take a month long vacation abroad doesn’t seem so innocent. Was Obama aware of the crimes which were committed in the final days of his presidency, and as such he decided to put some distance between himself and U.S. law enforcement? His so-called “scandal free” presidency is unraveling fast.

Donald Trump is officially vindicated with today’s announcement, and we still don’t know how deep this rabbit hole goes. Americans from all walks of life should be deeply concerned with these revelations. To make matters worse for democrats and for the liberal media elite, it’s being reported that the New York Times sat on this story for at least two days – a feeble attempt to protect the former president. Not a good look. Worse yet, just one week after CBS did a “bombshell” hit piece on Mike Cernovich, where his operation was mockingly described as “fake news,” Cernovich broke perhaps the biggest political story of the last twenty years. The mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves, and Obama and his appointees should be shaking in their boots.



20 Reasons Why I Left The Left

1. When I was a teenager an illegal immigrant held a large knife to my throat when I demanded a refund for a $20 parking fee he lied to obtain. The police showed up and started questioning me instead.

2. Shortly after that two uninsured illegals t-boned my car with their truck – totaling it – again the police did nothing despite my requests.

3. Two more uninsured illegal immigrants in a truck swiped my next car and totaled it – again the police did nothing.

4. A drunk illegal immigrant drove his truck into the side of my apartment building nearly killing a young couple and their baby who lived next to me – he was not deported.

5. I was called to jury duty where two illegal immigrants were on trial for kidnapping a child.

6. An illegal immigrant was killed by police after attempting to carjack an off duty police officer in front of my residence. He died on my car and our building was put on lockdown for some time.

7. A homeless man chased me and my girlfriend after I gave him money.

8. A homeless woman swatted fresh food away (spilling it into my car) after I offered. She said, “I don’t want food you fucking idiot I want money for alcohol.”

9. I was robbed in broad daylight in my home while sleeping with my girlfriend. Everything including my computer with all my schoolwork was stolen. Criminal was a black man who had done repairs in our home – the trauma led to a breakup with my girlfriend. I now understand the black community has problems which are ignored by society on the whole.

10. I went to business school.

11. I learned about capitalism and free markets.

12. I read Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics.

13. I read about Marx and Keynes and Friedman and Hayek.

14. I got a job and paid my own bills.

15. I started paying taxes.

16. I started a company with my savings and created jobs.

17. I started a family.

18. I read the Constitution.

19. Everything I’ve read and seen over the last ten years including that the Nazis were socialists who hated capitalism and supported Islam. Antifa and ISIS are modern Nazis.

20. Watching liberals lose their minds after Trump won and remembering how fucking stupid I was when I was a liberal.


A Letter to Milo Yiannopoulos: Thank You

Who would have thought – in 2017 – Americans would need a British man to remind us why America is so great. I don’t say this in jest – I’m 100% serious. No one else, not a single citizen of this country, has taken the risks you’ve taken to call attention to our present day free speech problem. You’ve made it your personal mission to remind every American – every person of every race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and political background – that our country was founded on the bedrock of freedom.

Who would have thought that in 2017, Americans would so willingly reject our First Amendment rights en masse. Who would have thought, that after we fought against the British for our freedoms in 1775, and subsequently established our Constitution in 1789, we would be so callous and so ignorant as to our plight a mere 227 years ago.

America has always been exceptional. Our system of government is a shining example for the rest of the world. Our capitalistic economy has been the envy of nations for generations, and our innovative citizens have made countless contributions to the world as we know it today. People hate us for a reason – we have something special here.

Thank you Milo Yiannopoulos – in the face of overwhelming leftist attacks and criticism ad nauseam – thank you for standing your ground. Thank you for continuing your fight, even when it seems darkest. The corrupt media in this country is doing everything in their power to destroy you, but it will be short lived. Your message is sound, your confidence is resolute. We need you now more than ever.

Somehow you’ve managed to persevere, despite horrific circumstances in your life. Your story is a remarkable one, and your reward is disdain and hatred from millions. Just know, that millions more of us owe you a significant debt of gratitude, and we will not forget what you have already done for us. Please don’t give up – keep fighting the good fight for us. We need your voice in this increasingly dystopian world.

Your words are suppressed by the media, by academia, and by the tech industry. The forces of evil and the global elite plot against you every single day. Still, their attacks are empty – devoid of actual substance, and hypocritical to a T. You are all that is right with our nation, and they represent all that is wrong. Their power is waning while yours is growing rapidly. The events of the last few days are a reminder – a reminder that the road is long, and the terrain is difficult.

You are our Frederick Douglas, our MLK, our Nelson Mandela, and our Sir William Wallace. Times haven’t changed much. While our ancestors fought for equality and freedom from oppression – you fight for the same today. You fight for free speech and free thought, and you fight to end oppression – whether it’s cultural, religious, or state sponsored. This nation has always afforded those who seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the opportunity to achieve all three. Our freedoms are clear, as long as you do no harm to others and abide by the law, you are free to do as you wish, and to speak your mind.

In our dystopian world, you’ve become an arbiter of violence. This is an outright and persistent lie of the highest order. You specifically deride violence – we’ve seen it again, and again, and again. You and your followers have been assaulted specifically by those who claim it is you who incite violence – we see through their lies. In our dystopian world, your thoughts are “hate speech,” but your critics cannot define what “hate speech” is – except to say – speech they do not like. I recently asked a friend to define “hate speech” for me, and her response was, “hate speech is hate speech.” She doesn’t like that you find some elements of Islam to be diametrically opposed to our freedoms. You have a right to express this view – and your words hit a chord with our increasingly sensitive nation. These are the forces you face today – ignorance at it’s finest – and a powerful media empire set on your utter and complete destruction.

You know we’re off-track, and we know we’re off-track. We look to you to provide some sanity in our increasingly insane world. Keep fighting the good fight, and don’t let the temporary set-backs get you down – no matter how insurmountable they may seem at the time. We look forward to what’s next for you – and we thank you for all that you’ve done for us so far.


The Truth About Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer

You’ve been lied to. The mainstream “fake news” media has labeled each of these individuals as nazis, nationalistic, white supremacist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, and of course, racist. The truth is, only Richard Spencer would classify as any of the above. Miller, Bannon and Yiannopoulos are none of these. I’ll define each of them as briefly as possible below:

Milo Yiannopoulos – An extremely intelligent, witty, charming and proud homosexual with a preference for dating black men. He is a British immigrant, a free speech fundamentalist, and an outspoken and inflammatory critic of Islamic extremism and the radical regressive left. He is a peace-loving, America-loving, Trump-loving, author and fashionista, and an extraordinary fact-based debater. Milo is generally polite but can be crude and direct when attacked, and he is unequivocally non-violent. Comments Milo made during a 2015 interview with Joe Rogan were taken out of context in order to label him as someone who condones pedophilia – this despite his long history of outspoken advocacy against pedophilia, and despite his personal experience as a victim, not a perpetrator, of pedophilia. Milo fits none of the labels above, and he is discernibly opposed to pedophilia. He is 33 years old.

Stephen Miller – An extremely intelligent, brash, un-charismatic outspoken and inflammatory critic of Islamic extremism and the radical regressive left. He is an America-loving, Trump-supporting, politician and activist and an extraordinary fact-based debater. Stephen is direct in his manner, and appears to be unequivocally non-violent. He is well known for his high school and college antics and his outspoken political ideology, and he’s now a senior advisor to President Donald Trump. Stephen fits none of the labels above. Stephen is 31 years old.

Steve Bannon – An extremely intelligent, highly successful former banker, businessman, filmmaker and politician. He is the son of a pro-Kennedy Irish Catholic Democrat family, and he was an officer in the United States Navy. Steve met Andrew Breitbart in 2004, and became executive chair of Breitbart News LLC after Andrew’s untimely death. He subsequently took a role as chief executive of Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016, and now serves as chief strategist and senior counselor to President Trump. Bannon is a major critic of the regressive left, and a major critic of the corrupt establishment within politics and other powerful organizations. He is decidedly non-violent, and he fits none of the labels above. Steve is 63 years old.

Richard Spencer – A nationalistic identitarian who claims to reject white supremacy, but makes light of Nazi salutes at his rallies and calls for peaceful ethnic and cultural homogenization. He is the only person on this list who matches any of the labels above based on his prior and current conduct. His views are regularly denounced by the likes of Yiannopoulos, Bannon, Miller and others. Spencer occasionally attends events thrown by Milo but without Milo’s invitation, and he briefly knew Stephen Miller while both attended Duke University. Spencer is 38 years old.


Ben Swann Is Alive and Well

For those of you who have been following the curious case of Ben Swann, he’s been located – and he appears to be alive and well. Ben Swann is famous for reporting on the Pizzagate story while serving as a news anchor for CBS 46 in Atlanta. However, his social media accounts were taken down in one fell swoop last week, leaving many to speculate about his death or “silencing.”

A quick check of CBS 46’s website reveals Ben is still reporting for the station as recently as yesterday. We’ve attached two screen grabs – one of him reporting on a tragic incident on February 6th in Atlanta, and another of him reporting on another story with a date stamp in the browser app.

The good news is, Ben is fine. The bad news is, it appears CBS 46 may have forced him to remove his social media accounts. Considering Ben is a great reporter who was doing an excellent job of reporting on issues which no one else would touch – that would be a disgrace. If this isn’t the case, it’s possible something else is afoot, but only time will tell.


Calling Milo a White Nationalist or White Supremacist Is Fake News

Ever since Milo Yiannopoulos’s UC Berkeley event was cancelled amid violent riots, dishonest mainstream media outlets have referred to him as a “white nationalist” or a “white supremacist.” Other, more legitimate publications have since retracted the statement, but some have not.

To any publication which continues to refer to Mr. Yiannopoulos as a white nationalist, you are regressive fake news. Cut it out. Not only are you reporting fake news (and committing libel?), but your deliberate attempt to discredit Milo as something so despicable is dangerous. Dangerous because it spurs on the same violent rioters that assaulted people last week, and dangerous because it continues a precedent of left-wing regressive media labeling any legitimate and intelligent opposition as “deplorable.”

By all means, continue doing this. Continue calling Milo a white nationalist, and see how many people show up at his next event. Watch as his book continues to dominate the Amazon bestseller list (it reached #1 shortly after the Berkeley riots). Enjoy four more years of a Donald Trump presidency, and enjoy watching as the alt-right expands into an even more massive movement, especially among Millennials and Generation Z.

I’m doing you a favor by telling you to stop calling Milo a white supremacist. Milo Yiannopoulos says stuff you don’t like. We get it. He’s also a homosexual Jewish immigrant with a preference for dating black men. Unfortunately for you, he doesn’t match the description of “Christian straight white American male” – an archetype which has been a doormat for regressives for years. Milo is an enigma, and he is a threat to you and your failed ideology. Worse for you, his witty and charming speeches are bringing other LGBTQ, immigrant and minority millennials into the alt-right movement at a furious pace. Identity politics doesn’t work anymore. We live in the era of Trump. The era of Milo. The era of the alt-right, and the end of the era of political correctness and of the regressive left. You lost. Milo and “daddy” Trump won. Face it.

If you want Milo to continue winning – by all means – continue calling him a white supremacist. And for the love of god – if you still don’t understand why this is a problem – read this article by Matt Teitelbaum at the Huffington Post (of all places), and watch this video by Dave Rubin.


A Real Feminist – Support Our Troops

Just a picture of a real feminist.

These heroes don’t get enough love.

Share if you support our troops.


Support Antifa’s Anti-Milo Riot? Surprise! You’re a Fascist

Do you support Antifa? If you do, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re a full blown fascist. For those who don’t know, Antifa is short for anti-fascist, and members purport to oppose fascism in all its forms. Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right, KKK – these folks are attacked, often violently, and without abandon by the Antifa.

Now I can’t say I’m against opposition to the KKK or neo-Nazis, but the line is crossed when Antifa seeks to oppress these people through attacks on their freedom of speech. Whenever Antifa members try to prevent others from saying things they disagree with – this is fascism by definition. What’s worse, recently Antifa members have been engaging in violence and rioting in an attempt to get others to conform to their worldview. Both elements are staples of a truly fascist movement. Confused millennials and even some older folks think fascism can only be right wing because Google says so, not realizing that “right wing” is used to mean authoritarian in a broader sense, and not knowing that Google and other tech companies have an overwhelming liberal bias. They also seem to conveniently forget that the Nazi party was socialist by definition, and more “left” than “right” with respect to today’s definition within the U.S. Today’s left in the U.S. supports big government, and supports collectivism. The right in the U.S. today is associated with classical liberalism and they clearly support individualism and freedom above collectivism. Beyond that, it boils down to nationalism, xenophobia and authoritarianism. I think we can agree the left is more authoritarian these days (oppressing free speech, using violence to silence the opposition), and more nationalistic when you consider their liberal worldview as a nation of its own. The debate really boils down to xenophobia and bigotry. While I think the right may appear more xenophobic to some on the left (I disagree with the term, but understand why they believe this), the modern left is no doubt today’s wing of intense bigotry.

Things get worse, however, when you consider Antifa seeks to attack, suppress and destroy the Alt-Right movement as well (whatever that is) in exactly the same way. The label “alt-right” can mean so many things, but to me it’s simply a movement of mostly young libertarians, former Democrats, and Republicans who seek to end the corruption in Washington and within the mainstream media. They’re sick of politics as usual, and turn to folks like President Trump to save them from what they see as the crumbling of our moral and economic society.

They’re tired of being propagandized by the old mainstream media, and they seek to return the power of government back to the people. They’re patriotic, but not even remotely hyper-nationalistic. In fact, one could argue their love for country is healthy, while the Antifa romanticize their “ideal homogenized leftist America” in an unhealthy fashion – almost prescribing a life itself to the latest hyper vigilant leftist movement. Antifa’s brand of hyper nationalism stems from their desire to cleanse America into their leftist vision. Sound familiar? It should. Hitler did the exact same thing.

The riots at UC Berkeley tonight scream fascism. Milo Yiannopoulos had to cancel yet another speech due to violence and extreme hatred. Milo, a proudly gay conservative half Jewish man who might be one of the least racist people out there (for reasons I won’t get into), is being suppressed by Antifa because they don’t like when he uses the word “fat.” In reality, they don’t like what he represents. He represents a huge threat to their worldview. How could someone with Milo’s background have such a distorted worldview when compared to their own. How could he support Donald Trump when they’ve been told that Trump is literally Hitler? These are the problems the marginalized left, and Antifa face today. Worse off for them, other young people from all walks of life are beginning to drop this ludicrous leftist worldview in droves. Those who remain on the left know it – and it scares them to death.

It scares them so much, they are becoming real-life fascists, all in the name of “anti-fascism.” I don’t use that word lightly, the Antifa movement really is the new Nazi party. Stay safe everyone. Carry a gun.


Hillary Voters: Seven Ways to Cope With Her Loss, and Succeed in Donald Trump’s America

Are you a disgruntled Hillary Clinton voter? Are you convinced the end of the world is coming, and Donald Trump is the Russian spawn of Satan and Hitler? Are you hoping 37 electors will switch their votes in light of the recent “news” about Russian hacks (they won’t)? You’ve come to the right place. Here are seven ways to cope if you are a disgruntled Hillary Clinton voter:

1. Pick up a good book on economics, find a nice comfy couch, and then read it cover to cover.

I don’t mean to be insensitive, but this one will help you tolerate a Trump administration quite a bit. Everything you’ve heard from the left and the media about economics is wrong, and almost entirely made up. For example, “trickle-down economics” isn’t really a thing, it’s just a word Democrats and the media invented to get you to dismiss real economics. I recommend you start with Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics. After you read this book, you’ll realize that almost all price fixing and market manipulation (tools of the Democrats) creates surpluses and shortages, and produces results that are exactly the opposite of what was intended. For example, a higher minimum wage actually raises unemployment among minorities and the poor. Similarly, keeping rents low for low income families hurts poor people the most by driving them out of out of cities through pricing and maintenance effects. This economic reality applies to pretty much everything: unemployment compensation, welfare, energy price fixing, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, interest rates, green energy investments, handouts etc. This explains why Socialist and Communist systems always eventually fail. See Venezuela and North Korea for current examples. If you don’t believe me, you have to read Basic Economics.

2. Stop watching CNN, MSNBC, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, CNBC, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Real Time with Bill Maher, The View, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and many other liberal shows, and stop reading The New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Vox, Mashable, Vice, Daily Kos, FiveThirtyEight, Yahoo News, Facebook Trending, Apple News, Think Progress, (yup), Politico, Politifact, Slate, Wired, The Guardian,, BuzzFeed, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, Newsweek (The Daily Beast), and The Atlantic.

Just do yourself a favor and stop reading and watching this crap right now. Admit it, it’s just making you angry. You’ve got enough real problems to worry about: rent or mortgage payments, other bills, your job, your relationships with family and friends, and your health. A Canadian, a Brit and a South African telling you every day why Donald Trump is going to destroy America isn’t fun, or healthy. Take a mental break from all the fake news while you’re at it. Oh yeah, and don’t bother using the “fact checking” sites anymore. They’re all fake too. Every publication and show listed above is part of a massive liberal echo chamber. Do yourself a favor and get the hell out before you lose your mind. While you’re at it, take a sledgehammer to your Facebook feed, Reddit and Twitter. They’ve become a cesspool of hyper-polarizing material. It’s like an echo chamber on steroids. I suggest “unfollowing” these and similar publications from all your feeds immediately whenever possible. While you’re at it, stop obsessing over Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson – they’re actually not that smart. If you’re bored, try reading generally unbiased publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Daily Mail, Reuters and maybe The Economist. For TV, stick to non-political movies and harmless but excellent shows like Westworld, Modern Family, Silicon Valley, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Family Guy (be careful here, Seth is an echo chamber loon), The Walking Dead, Shark Tank, The Real Housewives and sports programming. Shit, I don’t care if it’s anime, just change it. Upgrade your content, upgrade your life, calm your mind. You can thank me for this later.

3. Stop posting angry or lecturing messages on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and stop pretending you can stop Donald Trump.

You can’t. He’s going to be President. He might even do a really fucking good job. It’s not something you need to stress about right now. If he fails, or if he’s impeached, so be it. Let it happen. For now, focus on you. And for god’s sake, stop with the stupid #thisisnotnormal crap, and stop calling Republicans alt-right – it’s just a new fake word that basically means racist. Constantly posting angry or sad messages online isn’t good for your mental health. All it does is reinforce your anger and resentment. Channel your frustration into positive ambitions like exercise, community service, and spending more quality time with family. You deserve better than to be angry all the time. Oh, and your donation to Planned Parenthood or the A.C.L.U. or wherever isn’t going to do squat to stop Trump, it’s just going to line the pockets of the people who work at these organizations. Real truth hurts.

4. Stop pretending you’re going to run for political office, or start a revolution.

Just… stop.

5. Stop attacking, lecturing or shunning Trump supporters, especially family and friends.

Has this helped you at all? Have you “unfriended” Trump supporters online, or stopped talking to friends or family because they supported him? If so, you’re officially out of control. Get a grip on your situation, and take a long fucking breath. Maybe it’s time for a vacation. Pick up a book on meditation while you’re at it because at this point you’re only embarrassing yourself and hurting your relationships with others. If you lose enough friends and family over this, you’ll spiral into depression. It’s not worth it. Everything is going to be fine… you’re okay. They probably aren’t racist. Calm down.

6. Take a moment to actually talk to friends and family who supported Trump. Instead of arguing with them, actually listen to them.

Only if you can do this without resorting to lecturing or name calling, try having a real conversation with someone you know who is a Trump supporter. I guarantee it will make them feel great (right now everyone is treating them like a racist, sexist, xenophobic swamp creature), and if you really try to listen, you will feel better also. Do what CNN’s Van Jones did, sit down with some Trump voters, especially ones you respect (if you can find any), and ask them why they voted for Trump. If you can find a wealthy intelligent Trump supporter of any race (there are lots), bonus points. You also get bonus points for talking to poor and middle class white and minority Trump supporters – they will open your eyes. Most of these folks including the smart, well educated ones will tell you they’ve been dismissed, ridiculed, attacked and ignored for the last eight years and beyond. If you don’t like their answer, don’t get angry, just listen. If you don’t understand their answer, do some real research (but not on Snopes, Politifact, Politico, or any of the other publications above – remember, these are not legitimate unbiased publications – stick to research journals and unbiased media) – you won’t regret it.

7. If you’re feeling confident in your progress, go back and look at what Donald Trump really said over the last year or so.

Only do this last step if you feel you’ve made progress with the items above. It may be hard to swallow this one, but you should do it as it might make you feel better about Trump’s inevitable Presidency in 2017 and beyond. You might not like him. You might even hate the guy, but at least try to understand him a bit better as he will be your President of the United States. Don’t listen to the media, read for yourself. Remember when Donald Trump bragged about sexual assault? Turns out he didn’t. He specifically said “they let you do it,” which means he was bragging about sexual encounters, not assault. He also happened to be doing this right before he was preparing for a TV role as an exploitative and desirable wealthy man for a daytime soap opera role… It doesn’t fit the media narrative, but it’s true. Context matters. Remember when Donald Trump said he wants to ban all Muslims? This is a false narrative. Turns out he didn’t. He said he wants to ban non-citizen, immigrant Muslims from entering the country until they can be properly vetted. He then immediately backtracked and said he wanted to ban immigrants from “certain countries” – big difference. Look it up. Remember when Donald Trump said he hated blacks? He didn’t. Remember when he said he hated women? He didn’t. Remember when he said, “blood coming out of her, wherever.” Could he have meant vagina? Yes. Did he? Who knows. Is it gross if he did? Yup. We don’t know what he meant because he didn’t say it. He claims he meant ears which would make sense considering he preceded it with eyes. Remember when he called Mexicans rapists? Nope, he said illegal Mexican immigrants crossing the border are rapists. This is a fact, even Huffington Post reported that 80% of women crossing the border are raped by other illegal immigrants and by coyotes (aka human traffickers). Did Trump say he’s going to deport illegal immigrants? Yes he did, but he can’t realistically deport them en masse and he knows that, even though the laws are already on the books. Illegal immigrants get deported – that’s the law – and it happens all the time. He also happens to agree that many Dreamers should be able to stay and/or come back with ease – albeit legally. Remember when he said he could “shoot someone?” He was joking. Remember when he said he would do more than waterboard? He backtracked from that. Lastly, remember when Donald Trump revealed he is working with Putin? He didn’t, he called him a great “leader” and offered some mild praise – plain and simple – is that so bad? Would it be the end of the world if we got along with Russia for once? Couldn’t one argue the end of the world could come a lot faster if we were not getting along with Russia? Maybe a Trump Presidency isn’t the end of the world… maybe it’s a glimmer of hope.

Regardless, give yourself a break. Relax. Take a nap and a shower. Breathe deeply and start each day with a smile. Stop being so angry all the time and try to enjoy yourself. The world is not ending – at least not yet. Hopefully this guide serves you well as we move into a new era of American history.